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Shortage of Water Resources

How to cope with the scarcity of water resources in a context of global warming? Best practices, collaborative and innovative techniques in Europe, Africa and the Near East were presented in 2008 in a conference hosted by Cristina Gutierrez-Cortines MEP and Paulo Casaca MEP.

If the EU does not take urgent action against the lack of water in the Mediterranean region, the agriculture sector of the area will disappear in a few years causing a chain reaction that will increase the impact of climate change in the whole of Europe.

This was one of the main conclusions of the public hearing on how to cope with the scarcity of water resources in the context of global warming, with the support of the European Water Forum and the Europe Near East Forum. Experts, scientists and university professors from several European and Middle East countries participated in the event to explain the different practices and the innovative techniques already in use to fight against this problem in the Mediterranean region.

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