On behalf of Lessmeansmore, Land and Energy Sustainable Systems, Paulo Casaca advised First Solar on its communication strategy regarding the environmental impact of its technologies.

“First Solar, the world’s leading manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, is providing sustainable energy solutions for today’s energy needs. By constantly decreasing manufacturing costs, we are creating an affordable and environmentally responsible alternative to fossil-fuel generation. 

In addition to making our modules affordable, we believe in taking responsibility for our product throughout its life cycle — from raw material sourcing through end-of-life collection and recycling. This commitment to the environment drives all that we do. With locations around the globe and over 4,700 associates, First Solar is truly changing the way the world is powered.”

Ranked #1 by Forbes Magazine as the fastest growing technology company.

First Solar is ranked #7 on Fortune’s list of 100 fastest growing companies, and #1 on its list of profit growth for energy companies. Our steady focus on enabling the worldwide adoption of clean energy has allowed us to grow substantially since beginning commercial production in 2005.

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