Land Use and Food Policy Intergroup 

Between January 2008 to July 2009 Paulo Casaca has served as Chairman of the Land Use and Food Policy Intergroup (LUFPIG).

LUFPIG is a unique MEP-led intergroup of politicians and players outside the political circle, that interacts regularly with the agri-business community. Since its establishment, 20 years ago, LUFPIG has been providing a forum for debate on issues as varied as budgets, international trade, development, environment and consumer issues, to agriculture.

During the period Paulo Casaca was chairing LUFPIG, the group members met with numerous personalities, among them former Commissioner Marianne Fischer Boel and French Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Michel Barnier, in attempt to present and pursue the group’s strategy on issues concerning food policy, land management, the CAP policy and climate change.

Two important landmarks are the publications of “Why science matters?” study and our “Greening of the CAP” paper.

LUFPIG continues addressing these issues in the Parliamentary term 2009-2014. The emphasis of reform however, has now shifted from the CAP in general to its application in terms of trade, development, environment and food policy. It is therefore in these areas that LUFPIG is focussing its attention. As this reform runs its course LUFPIG will continue as a forum not bound by the constraints of formal committees and protocols and an excellent arena in which stakeholders and policy makers are able to explore new ideas.

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